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Workforce of The Future Requires Change in Leadership Style

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Take a peek at Maximizing Millennials, an infographic produced by Tim Willingham that gives a sneak peek at what the changes companies will need to make in order to attract top talent… or maybe any talent in the future. Eight years from now, Gen Yers will comprise 46% of the workforce. That means employers will have to take there preferences into account.

While other generations probably wouldn’t think to ask about social media policies during the interview, 64% of Millennials do. Twenty-four percent factor in social media policies when evaluating a job offer. When you consider that 42% of companies still prohibit use of social media in the workplace, you get a sense for how out of synch corporate leaders are with their future workforce.

Prohibition on social media says a lot about leadership style, and the Millennials know it.

Here’s what Gen Y shares with the employees who have gone before. They want:

  • Feedback in real-time
  • Opportunities for growth
  • To contribute in a meaningful way
  • A new job

Based on astronomical workplace dissatisfaction (70% of employees dream of leaving) America’s managers have a lot to think about when it comes to creating a workplace that will attract, retain, and reward happy, productive employees. The infographic shows that Millennials like to collaborate. So do the rest of us. Let’s begin the transformation.

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Marcia Moran

Marcia Moran

Marcia Moran helps organizations reimagine what’s possible and provides the framework for clients to achieve stellar, long-term results.

As a Performance Architect, Marcia uses the principles discovered through neuroleadership and positive psychology to deliberately design the employee experience and corporate culture. Blended with pragmatic systems design, these elements free people to play to their strengths while reducing strife in the workplace. As a result, people can push beyond their known limits as individuals, as teams, and as companies.

Marcia is also the Vice President of Marketing for Intelishift, a colocation company with operations in Ashburn, VA and Silicon Valley. Prior to moving to the Metro DC area, she worked as a business consultant for Up ‘N Running and advised startups and small businesses in the areas of management, operations, and marketing.

Marcia earned an MBA from Chapman University. She loves to travel, speaks Norwegian, and unwinds by kayaking and painting landscapes. Marcia recently co-founded Positive Business DC with Shannon Polly and Donna Hemmert. Positive Business DC provides resources to help people increase the levels of well-being in the workplace and at home.

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