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The Carlyle Group IPO

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The Carlyle Group today announced that it has filed a registration statement with the SEC for an initial public offering. The price-range of the offering has yet to be determined. The stated purpose of the offering is to raise $100 million (expect that figure to rise) to repay some of its debts and to cover some other general corporate needs including growth initiatives and acquisitions, among others. With the downturn in the global markets, many private equity firms have either delayed their offerings, or have been hurt by a less than receptive public, too irked by the stagnant economy to be bold with their investments. This does open the door to some speculation as to why the Carlyle Group has chosen this moment for the IPO, being that the current market situation is far from stellar. Could it be that the founders of Carlyle, who are all now well into their 60’s, may be looking for a large last payout? Or is that too cynical? We can’t know for sure until more information is released, but as it stands, we are left with more questions than answers.

In other IPO news, Groupon is freezing its IPO after a scathing internal memo from CEO Andrew Mason was accidentally leaked garnering the attention of the SEC.

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