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Navigating the Future

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An admiring biographer once claimed that proof of how far-sighted Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky was could be found in the fact that none of his predictions had yet come true.

An aptitude for seeing well into the future is essential for CEOs and for the long-term success of the companies they lead.  However, there is a fine line between vision and dreaming, and reality is the final arbiter of where that line lies.  I’ve known too many CEOs who stray well beyond that line and stay there way too long.  For some, that mistake is an innocent miscalculation driven by passion and emotion.  For others, it’s a willful or semi-conscious escape (and abdication) from the problems of the present.  Either way, these CEOs squander years of real-world progress and untold money before belatedly stumbling their way back to a more realistic view of the future.

It’s impossible to know exactly where the line between far-sighted vision and dreamland lies, but if you never forget that there is a line and never stop looking for it, you’re more likely to get close.  And he or she who comes closest to it, wins.

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