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Mothers: Surviving in the Business World

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Discrimination against working mothers in the workplace is a solid and existing social issue. Working mothers have less of a chance of getting hired (Australian, 2008; Wright, 2009) and of getting promotions or pay increases (Economist, 2010; Laster, 2010; Pollitt, 2009) as compared to men or women who are not mothers. Another aspect of the problem is the accumulated burden to the organization. Working mothers tend to spend more time with house and child rearing chores that take away their productivity time while at the office.  Perceived discrimination is common among working women and leads to depression, lower productivity, less successful team dynamics, less dedication and loyalty to the employer or organization.

Today, in the workplace, the aim is to accomplish an environment that cherishes, encourages and promotes diversity and multiculturalism. Affirmative Action and Equal Rights revolutions clearly state the rationale of humanity and equality in terms of employment rights, because only through these principles can we improve quality of life and prosperity in our society (Feather & Boeckmann, 2007). Organizational and federal guidelines emphasize careful distribution among religion, gender, ethnicity, disability and educational backgrounds. Elaboration on women rights and increases in the workforce does not necessarily include or support working mothers (Economist, 2010). Even when gender discrimination is improved, motherhood may be surpassed or ignored. Clearly, during a selection, promotion or employment process, a mother is at a disadvantage as compared to men or women who are not mothers. These problems constitute ethical and diversity considerations that do not agree with working mother’s rights.

Globally, this problem discourages mothers from seeking employment, decreases career opportunities for highly qualified women and may contribute to a financial burden on their family. There are many highly educated and skilled women who are being forced to stay at home because they are not finding necessary support in their environment or workplace.

The responsibility and duty of a highly civilized society is to provide attractive and encouraging employment opportunities for mothers, in order that childbearing, family economy and human rights can be preserved and supported. Punishing working women for child bearing is not only against the fundamentals of affirmative action, but also at the very core of gender differences and evolutionary women instincts. Most women put child bearing and family before career, however life conditions demand most women work outside of the home in order to support their families. The result of society helping parents raise their children would be overall prosperity leading to social improvement success.

An unfair workplace atmosphere is excruciatingly damaging not only for working mothers, but also for organizations. The aim for every organization is to increase productivity, prestige, and success and this can come about only through an effective, dedicated, inspirited and highly motivated team consisting of representative diversity of local community.

The question is how do we accomplish a fair, rational balance that allow mothers to be mothers while pursuing a career and earn income in a non-discriminatory workplace? Do we need radical changes, a revolution, or basic modifications by policy makers? WHAT DO YOU SAY?

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  1. Hulya 30 August 2010 at 11:45 pm #

    One of the reasons I started my own company was this same reason. Great topic Funda.

  2. fan 19 August 2010 at 4:28 am #

    “Working mothers have lesser chance of getting hired compared to men or non-mother women” That ‘s correct!!

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