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Modern DC Business Magazine Spring 2012

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In the past, some cultures predicted that the world would end in 2012. This past year, I too have had that inkling, usually when reading through the latest economic numbers, jobs forecasts and the steady stream of doom and gloom on the 24-hour news cycle. Keeping a realistic approach to all the data out there can be a challenge sometimes. However, silver linings, just over the horizon, have been apparent for some time now. To see it, one simply needs to be diligent when filtering the information being presented. Opportunities are all over our fair city, and in every emerging market across the globe. Which brings me to the issue you are holding in your hands. Brazil, or the B in BRIC, is a nation full of economic opportunities, possibilities and if you strike while the iron’s hot, impressive profits. In these pages we bring you expert analysis from those on the front line, like businessman Jonathan Whittle, venture capitalist Patrick Kerins, director of the Brazil U.S. Business Council, Steven Bipes, and Philip Gough of the Brazilian Embassy. Each one offers us great insight into what to expect, how to carry ourselves, and where the big profits are in Brazil. It may still be cold outside, but I feel a good Caiparinha is in order. Cheers, and welcome to 2012!

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