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Modern DC Business Magazine | FALL 2012 |

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Modern DC Business Magazine | Fall 2012 Issue

Modern DC Business Magazine | Fall 2012 Issue

Now is a special time in DC. Let’s try to look past the diabolical weather for a moment and consider all the fun that we can actually have here. In the past decade we have seen a massive transformation. Like so many capitals around the world, DC was a bit stuffy, a little uptight, and in many ways, kind of a drag. One can almost picture long–faced bureaucrats lugubriously scampering along K Street trying to make it to a meeting. But things have changed in the recent years. We have become a magnet for young professionals and creative people who aren’t simply here to fulfill a contract, but rather ply their trades and create waves all over the country. With this new influx, we have developed an entertainment industry to cater to them. Just take a short walk on U Street and see for yourself how much things have changed. In this issue, we have attempted to shed some light on this transformation and have chosen a few spots that we feel best represent what this sudden and delightful shift is all about.

We also sat down with Jonathon Perrelli and Carla Valdes at, who shed some light on their concept of “Founders Funding Founders,” as well as Kevin Greene of Vallhala Partners. Michael Grass of Huffington Post also joined us for a frank discussion about the possibilities awaiting our fair city.
With so much going on around us, it can be rather difficult to get a full grasp of it all. I hope that this issue can serve as a reference guide to what’s hot right now in our city during these dog days of summer. We hope that you can enjoy and experience all that our nation’s capital has to offer.

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Hidden Luxuries
Advertising 101
Raising Capital for Your Startup
Luxury Hotels in DC
Tech Trendy
A Beginner’s Guide to Ireland
Preparing For Retirement
Utilizing Your Network
Kevin Greene
Business Transparency
Michael Grass
Metro DC Area Business Caterers

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