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Luxury Private Airlines

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Projet GIV-SP Interior
ProJet Aviation Hawker 800XP, a populare charter aircraft, features luxury seating for 8 and WiFi

ProJet Aviation Hawker 800XP, a populare charter aircraft, features luxury seating for 8 and WiFi

For those living in the lap of luxury, private chartered jets are the only way to fly. Here are some of DC’s best options for those of you who can afford to skip the lines and TSA pat-downs.

The advantages that Gilad cites seem like the real luxuries of chartering a private flight when you compare them to the disadvantages of commercial flights: long security lines, missed connections, possibilities of misplaced baggage, and the lag time on the ground compared to time actually spent in the air.

“Time is the real luxury,” says Jacquie Dalton, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Manassas-based Metropolitan Aviation. Dalton adds, “Private jet travel is often described as a luxury, when in fact it is a critical resource worldwide for businesses, government, and individuals.” What busy executive doesn’t find time priceless? Time, personal service, safety, value for the money, and flexibility are all things that chartering a private flight through a luxury private airline will get you.

ProJet Aviation's Gulfstream GIV

ProJet Aviation's Gulfstream GIV

Gilad describes ProJet’s timesaving and client-focused service: “Our clients board planeside. They drive their vehicle right up to the aircraft where our customer service agents are there to greet them and assist with their belongings.” No parking hassles, no lines, no baggage checks; just one simple step: right onto your chartered plane.

Once customers are ensconced on their private flight, the more traditional idea of luxury travel ensues. Gilad says, “During the flight, clients are in a comfortable, quiet environment where they can hold productive, uninterrupted meetings, eat healthy, freshcatered food, or simply relax and arrive at their destination rested.” This is a far cry from cardboard commercial flight food, overfilled planes with cramped seating, and the possibility of a chatty seatmate. Luxury private airlines across the board cater to the client, whether it is business or pleasure; comfort and personalized service is the philosophy.

LUXURY PRIVATE AIRLINES ACROSS THE BOARD CATER TO THE CLIENT, WHETHER IT IS BUSINESS OR PLEASURE.artered jets are the only way to fly. Here are some of DC’s best options for those of you who can afford to skip the lines and TSA pat-downs.

Creature comforts aside, traveling in luxury is safe. Gilad says, “Charter flights are operated at an extremely high level of safety.” Not only are charter flights safe, but they are regulated as well. Gilad explains, “Charter operators and their pilots and technicians are bound by strict Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations. Many of the best charter companies, including ProJet, have a complete safety management system, including an internal and external audit process.” Robin Purcell, from Martinair, another luxury private airline company operating out of the DC area, educates me about ARG/US, or Argus International, Inc., which is the aviation industry watchdog for operational excellence and safety. Martinair is ARG/US Platinum rated. Purcell says, “Only 5% of all charter operators are Platinum.” This is a safety rating Martinair can be proud of and one that clients can be aware of.

Besides feeling safe, you can also feel like a savvy consumer. Purcell says, “It is often more cost effective to charter rather than go commercial. If you fill up eight or more seats when you are traveling in a tri-state radius for a day or overnight, chartering a flight can often come in equal or less then airlines. Smaller charter companies are also far more likely to be competitive with pricing than national operators.”

Projet GIV-SP Interior

Projet GIV-SP Interior

After considering the benefits of saving yourself or your company money and time without sacrificing safety, you may be weighing the convenience factor of charter flights. Gilad says, “ProJet is a hospitality company first, which makes us extremely client focused, flexible, and reliable.” Luxury private airlines have one major advantage that commercial airlines never do: flexibility. When it comes to your needs or your company needs, these luxury private airliners can work around your schedule, not the other way around.

For more information or booking questions, contact these luxury private airliners based in the DC area:


Image Courtesy of Martinair

Image Courtesy of Martinair

A client-focused hospitality company that operates business jets for private owners, corporations, and for hire. They are uniquely positioned at Leesburg Executive Airport, which is the closest and most convenient satellite airport to Washington DC, the Dulles Technology Corridor, and DC’s wine country. ProJet is a full service aviation company capable of turnkey aircraft solutions. In addition to being a licensed FAA Air Carrier with worldwide operating authority, ProJet is also an FAA Licensed Maintenance Repair Station, an aviation fuel distributor, and an aviation facilities manager with over 75,000 square feet of hangar and office space. ProJet was also voted Loudoun County’s Service Business of the Year in 2010 by the Chamber of Commerce.


Metropolitan Aviation is best known for offering the largest and most diverse private jet charter fleet in the mid-Atlantic. They offer a diversified fleet from large cabin heavy jets to super mid cabin, mid cabin, light jets and turbo props. Flying out of Manassas Regional Airport gives Metropolitan clients an advantage because it eliminates the delays and congestion that commonly occur at Dulles. It also allows for additional perks in service—for example, Metropolitan offers a complimentary car detail while clients are out on trips. Metropolitan Aviation is also a good option for clients who are making the transition from private jet chartering to private jet ownership. Owner and CEO, Alan R. Cook, has over 35 years of experience in private aviation and an extensive knowledge of the private jet market.

MARTINAIR | 804-222-7401

Martinair has 14 charter aircrafts based in Dulles, Richmond, and Roanoke. Martinair operates a well diversified fleet of aircraft from light Turbo Props, light Jets, mid-size Jets and Heavy Jets. They operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and have done so for the past 25 years. Martinair is also proud to be part of the network of charter aircraft used to transport donated organs.

CHANTILLY AIR, INC. | 800-720-5387

Chantilly Air, Inc., a provider of charter services in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC, believes that service is in the details. With over 20 years of experience in the corporate aviation industry, with an accident-free, incident-free, and violationfree safety record, they know safety and quality. Chantilly Air is committed to planning around your particular needs.