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Brazilian Fashion

Posted on 02. Feb, 2012 by in Fashion, LIFESTYLE

Brazilians often wonder why American businesspeople, who are some of the wealthiest individuals, feel a need to look so poor. Obviously, there are some differing perspectives on the role that fashion can play in the business world in both countries. Brazilians are fashion forward people; style is almost as important as soccer, which by all accounts can be viewed as the premier national obsession. While fashion can’t claim to be an obsession just yet, it is extremely important that you, dear readers, at least try and make the right impression while away on business in Brazil. Heather Shaw Menis of Saks Fifth Ave. has shared with us some great looks for a night on the town, a day in the office and on the streets of Sao Paulo. Get out there and make some deals, turn some heads, make Uncle Sam proud.

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